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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wicked Web Wednesday

- It may not be summer here in NZ but these 8 Style Tips For Summer Music Festivals I will be using come December 2010!

- Seablanket did a DIY for bejewlled necklaces, her attempt is gorgeous and I'm inspired to try it!

- All the Fun of the Fair; Goth Faerie; and Kick Ass Carnival Engagement are my love photo shoots of the week - all from Rock and Roll Bride!!!

- I'm all about hosiery at the moment, loving these from Nubby Twiglet and they have been added to my wishlist!

- Here's a new feature that looks fun!

- I'm in need of some new jewellery, rings to be exact - armour rings I adore!

Alexander McQueen's Fall 2010 shoes and bags - oh yes!!!

- GQ travelled across America to find the best 25 vintage stores - most of them not in New York!

- Microsft have released a new mobile phone designed for those obsessed with social networking, here's all you need to know about the Kin!

- How To Wear A Tutu from Fashionista is helpful - I have 3 or 4 tutus incase you were wondering?

- I like the look of Rumi Neeley's spring wardrobe - love her shoes!

- Superalzy looks at the tools every girl needs

- If you are getting married check out these alternative wedding dresses for very type of bride!

- I hope your making your list for what you want from the Zac Posen for Target collection

- You need to take a peek inside handbag designer Lulu Guiness's carry on luggage for sure...

- Here are some creative ways to organise and store those precious shoes of yours

- I'm going to do a post like this one, this week

- Jazzi is inspired by Ashley Banks style - is the 90's back?

- Eat Cake! Then check out some gothic Marie Antoinette style!

- My new favourite style blog is Fashion Snag, another girl with the Miu Miu's I crave!

- Here's a pot post for you - or whatever you alternative name is for it

- Erin Hearts Court is back! They are working on updating their blog with more wedding inspiration!

- OK macarrons, time for a Mac Attack when in Paris!

- Studio space of creative types from across the globe can be found at Where We Design - cool studios!

- Where to get your vintage dresses custom made can be found here from Retro Chick!

- Coachella has been in gone but style inspiration for more festivals lives on!

- It wasn't just Shrek last week but now Designers Get Cartoonized as well

- Ever wonder what happens at a magazine shoot? This ones for Real Living!

- Look at this river camp wedding

Until next week!


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