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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wicked Web Wednesday

This week I have spent more time downloading songs on iTunes and listening to Lucky by Bif Naked on repeat than reading blog feeds. I have got some wicked things here from the web though, so here goes...

- Model Behati Prinsloo shows you around her NYC pad - just precious!

- Carnival love shoot, Rock n Roll Ink, Pink Lady, and Bollywood Bride photo shoots from Rock n Roll Bride are the best!!!

- This is Why You Should Take Outfit Photos - I haven't taken anymore outfit photos yet but I'm on it...

- I have to agree with Agent Lover Cher had great style in Mermaids and I'm loving the blue AND pink polka dot dresses she wore!

- I love this What A Wonderful World Alice inspired photo shoot - so adorbs!!! This one is also stunning!!!

- Looking into people's wardrobes is fascinating so my new favourite is Bluefly's Closet Confessions - know any other 8 year olds who can name their favourite designer?

- Seeing the first posts of fashion bloggers shows just how much their style has changed but also that they were always stylish!

-  Cindy Gallop at home from The Selby - loving those black walls and the shoe display!

-  Bandeau tops - hello!

- I like my place and its time I turned it into a place that The Selby would love to shoot!

- Did you realise that blondes earn more then brunettes because I didn't!?

- These are killer baby designs - literally!

- These style tips are great -adding this blog to my reader!

- I'm liking the fonts by Jessica Hische and her Daily Drop Cap project

- Super Kawaii Mama answered my prayers with 5 Ways To Prepare Your Winter Wardrobe

- If Princess liked magazine editorials one of her favourites would be this one - green ogre!

- Gala Darling lists her Current Crushes - the cmaera. tights and nail polish I want! want! want!

- Gorgeous photos flood my hard drive and these little bits of inspiration will end up there too!

- When it comes to stylish outfits its all in the details

Thats all for this week, enjoy these videos...

Alice In Wonderland from Michelle Dearing on Vimeo.

I Am A Girl - The Girls With Glasses Theme Song from The Girls With Glasses on Vimeo.


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