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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wicked Web Wednesday

I have had a wicked week, spent most of the time in Dunedin and although it was freezing cold the sun still shone
and I went for lots of walks, had meals with friends, ate loads of chocolate for Easter and shopped up a storm!

The wicked web stuff this week for you!!!

- Here's to a Japanese Penis Party - woohoo!

- I love these photos from the portfolio of interior decorator Richard Goullet - rooms I want! want! want!

- What an easy meal a fruit and dessert platter would make, going to try this!

- Everyone needs one of these to make their office smell nice

- The NotWedding 2010 had an Enchanted Forest theme - take a gander at it here!

- Here is the Miu Miu DIY tights tutorial I mentioned last week

- I had to share the kooky kitchen, isn't it sweet?

- Celebs share their first NYC memories in a book

- Super Kawaii Mama looks as sweet as a sundae! - the skirt and shoes I want!

- I posted about the LWD being the new LBD last week now white is taking over as the new neutral

- Kate Sylvester celebrated April Fools by having a fake rat infestation at her Newmarket store.

- I'm loving Planet Awesome Kid and Macaroon Original for kids street style and stylish finds!

- Luinae looks at Dressing With The Essence of Spring - love to know if anyone has any winter dressing tips?

- More abandoned and derelict houses can be found in The Demise of Detroit as seen by six photographers and one painter.

- This Easter I didn't make or bake anything except a plain lemon cheesecake! But next year its these I'll be making!

- Steampunk style is pretty cool and this bridal fashion photoshoot  is too!

- I think I'll try out Gala Darling's guacamole recipe the next time I have corn chips in my cupboard - even if it is supposed to be secret!?

- Here it is - the Zac Posen for Target lookbook - My picks: SnapeTape Dress in Blue; Tuxedo Bodysuit and Skirt in Black and Two Piece Ruffled Dress in Red!

- Having been parked next to a circus all week I now adore Marie Claire Italia's vintage circus inspired photoshoot

- The premium of all invitation only sites is here - sleeves and pure water based fragrances?

- God forbid that if I should ever need to rent a house that I don't end up with landlords like these ones!

- What are you willing to do for $5? - list it here on Fiverr! Or take a look at other people's listings.

- Everyone has already posted about P&P but they are the best fashion parody ever!

- My profile says I love pink - so true!

- I've been debating what tattoo I should get so Tatmash will be useful in making a decision

- Turn the camera on Todd Selby's home instead - check out the video!

- This week they had International Pillow Fight Day as well as Easter - do chocolate and feathers mix?

- Check out these photos from the Easter Parade in NYC - wow!

- I went to Jay Jay's before I left Dunedin and got 3 items from the Alice in Wonderland collection (pics to follow on the 22nd - my birthday!), it looks like Sophistikat shopped there as well!

Well thats all for this week folks!


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