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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Travel Thursday

We spent the weekend in Invercargill and stayed at Queens Park for The Gypsy Fair. Queens Park is awesome!  They have an awesome playground, animal park and bird aviaries for the children and museums, cafes and botanical gardens for the adults to enjoy. But I think they really needed a tiger...

Princess and her wild hair and tiger face painting!

We had booked Princess in for a haircut in Gore so on Tuesday we took her in for her first ever haircut, and luckily she was a complete angel! She did get a bit worried about women who had foil in their hair (no darling, your not going to get that!) but was well behaved and pleased to get an orange lollipop and glitter in her hair at the end of it.

Oh! and Princess got new sneakers!

The hairdresser, Rachel was amazing!

Looking gorgeous!!!

We went to the supermarket afterwards where she went for a ride with Paddington Bear...

We looked after a friend's cat for 2 nights while they went on a friends boat to Stewart Island...

The caretaker at Gore A & P Showgrounds, where we stayed, gave us (the gypsies) 3 roast lambs and opened up a shed with kitchens and toilet facilties so Mickey (the chef) could use the big ovens and have dinner inside (nothing but rain outside!)

Next week we are travelling from Gore to Oamaru for The Gypsy Fair...


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