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Friday, April 9, 2010

Travel Thursday

Sorry, for yet another late post. The Easter weekend has made this a very short week in which to spend not only travelling, but actually doing something on the way and taking photos. We did stay at Gore for a couple of nights but I forgot to take any photos at all. I did take some of Dunedin before we left though most of them ended up in this week's Sunday Sweets! However, here are two photos, one of Dunedin town and the other of Princess on a ride in Dunedin mall.

The reason we had to go into town is so the Husband could get measured for a kilt at The Scottish Shop. To cut a long story short its so we can give these measurements to his sister who is from Scotland, she's getting married over there next October and Husband is giving her away...we are all going - yay!

It meant I went shopping in Dunedin and bought Princess a Dora the Explorer top and can you believe it - boxer shorts!!! I bought myself underwear and Husband (realising my birthday is coming up) bought me 3 items from the Alice in Wonderland collection from Jay Jays - have to wait until my birthday though!

I also went shopping while we were in Gore and bought more underwear (forever buying it!), boxer shorts for Husband and a copy of Aunt Daisy's cookbook and a red/black/white plaid shirt for me (it will go perfectly with the items Husband bought from Jay Jays).

We have just arrived in Invercargill for The Gypsy Fair and I'm about to go for a walk with Tash around town...


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