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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Sweets

I'm running out of Sunday so I'm going to get straight into telling you what makes me sweet this week! I'm luurrvving...

Jay Jays Alice In Wonderland collection, pumpkin givers (thanks Bevan and his Wife); Aunt Daisy's cookbook (she was a NZ radio star in the 30's-60's spreading her recipes via the waves), plaid especially black and white and red combos, fresh herbs (basil and Italian parsley make for delicious pastas!), sparkly and bright eyeshadows and nails (thinking Sugarpill or Mac?), Princess haircut anticipation (she's booked for Tuesday morning!!! and its her first one!!!), Taste magazine, finding old stone jewellery I wore in the 1990's!, vintage stalls, Esk St shopping, Gala Darling's new Date My Friend feature (such an awesome idea!!!), healthy eats, Dora the Explorer stuff, Invercargill's Queens Park (the playground, aviary and the animal zoo are the BEST!), New Moon DVD release in 3 days time!!! and finally Easter leftovers - yummy!!!

Whats your sweets my sweets???


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