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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sunday Sweets

Sorry, its late but better late than never! This week I'm posting photos of my sweets: I love the new header for this blog, much better than the previous two!; the full moon at Warrington beach (so magical!); waking up to thousands of seagulls at The Oval in Dunedin; drinking and eating copious amounts of iced coffees and Cherry Ripe bars; warm fires when its freezing cold outside!; the view outside my window on a rainy day; seeing Donna dressed as Rainbow the Fairy get up and sing with her guitar!!!; Princess and I testing out pink sequin white bunny ears and eating easter eggs; the homemade lemon cheesecake I made for dinner with friends! (its is delicious!!!); being parked next to Zirka Circus for the weekend! and finally pink chocolate bunnies that say Love on them (great typography!)...

What sweetness did you love this week?


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