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Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday

It was my 31st birthday on Thursday and to be honest this year it started to feel like my birthday is just like any other day except that I get presents, eat cake and go out for lunch or dinner with family and friends.

On Wednesday, the day before my birthday, we took Princess to see some blue eyed penguins at the penguin colony here in Oamaru and had a look around the old part of Oamaru.

On my birthday I opened my presents and then went to the Whitestone Cheese Factory to have a look and have lunch there as well.

I drank KGB's and made home made lasagne and salad for dinner that night and ate my chocolate birthday cake I got from Countdown.

On Friday night I went out (childless!) to the Kingsgate Brydone Hotel with friends and drank bourbon and cokes and ate the chicken kiev main and white chocolate terrine dessert - delicious!!!

On Saturday night I was meant to go out and see Alice in Wonderland with friends (again childless!) but it started too early and we were still working so we went out and got fish and chips instead! I will see the movie eventually...

The bellydancers over the weekend were good though!


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