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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wicked Web Wednesday

This week has been pretty full on travel wise and we are having problems with our only source of power, our petrol generator. This may mean that I could not end up not blogging for awhile until we either fix it or buy another one, so please bear with me.

Enough of the badness and onto the wickedness of the week!!!

- Losing Your Blogging Mojo can happen to us all! But here is how to deal with it.

- I only heard yesterday that Topshop is coming to NZ - hurray! 

- There is more to add to your Favourites with 10 New Online Stores To Shop Now

- Speaking of favourites, the Dances of Vice flickr pool is a favourite of mine, thanks Doe Deere!

- Dreamy photos are so beautiful and these are no exception.

- Luinae explores the Japanese Lolita style - such cuteness!

- Take a look inside Lynn Yaeger's apartment and everything she has collected over the years - cool!

- Olivia Palermo shares her 5 Fave New York Spots - for some reason I feel I've either posted this before or its simply deja vu???

- Take a look at this video with Christian Louboutin - and the shoes - gorgeous!

- 10 Tips To Blogging that have been learnt for the 2 years Fashion Copius has been blogging.

- Tavi got to borrow clothes from Miu Miu's latest Spring collection and wear them for this post on her blog - lucky wee thang!

- After the recent Terry Richardson fiasco, Isaac Likes looks at model exploitation in NZ

- The world's most expensive computer mice come with real diamonds - of course they do!

- Have Fun This Spring is great for those in the Northern Hemisphere but what am I gonna do in winter here?

- I want the small jacket the girl is wearing in the Stella McCartney for GapKids Spring 2010 Collection, for Princess

- Take a glance inside the only Balmain store, which is of course in Paris.

- The neuroscientist of my dreams, Jonah Lehrer explains Why We Need To Dream

- These dream kitchens from Food and Wine Magazine are stunning - if only I had a house

- The LWD is the new LBD according to Superalzy

- A Disney rendition of Mean Girls is hilarious but delightful!

- If you are need of ideas on how to display your artwork and/or photographs, these ideas are great! I love the heart displays!

- Interior design is Black (mostly walls) - so chic

- This Miu Miu DIY tights post from cocorosa is awesome - must try this myself!

- You Wardrobe - do you know what is lurking inside it? I know whats inside mine!

- I just love this blog to bits!

- 5 Honest Answers to Succeeding in Fashion asks some of the fashion industry's finest how to succeed!

- An interview with Lesley Arfin, writer and totally awsome girl (her words not mine!)

- How To Make Your Blog Mobile Friendly is helpful for someone like me who is completely mobile!

- You call them Sharpies, I call them Vivids! They are still in at Rodarte.

Well, that's all for the week sweeties! What you find?


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