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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wicked Web Wednesday

 Wally Bellinger

This week started off rather badly as I ended up with an upset stomach and a severe headache. I'm feeling a little bit better now but if you have any good remedfies, please let me know!
OK, wickedness time!
- The newly launched Styleite site has some interesting articles but with the new Power Grid feature it pits models, CEOs, photographers and bloggers against each other! So Tommy Ton or Bryanboy folks?
- Wanting to discuss fashion with Karl Lagerfield over a cuppa tea? Just make sure you use these teabags!
- Vintage Circus Photography by Wendy Bevan

- My husband has a huge scar that goes across his body - bet they would have to make a belt for him?

- It looks like the Parisians are just as obsessed with Alice as I am! I crave the macaron music box!

- Ours was "Everything I Do, I Do It For You" by Bryan Adams but The First Dance Songs That Haven't Been Done To Death are just as fantastic for your wedding!

- Kim Noorda's food diary for Vogue is a revealing look at her body image struggles

- St Patricks Day probably called for this article as does any other holiday for that matter...or weekend...or if your an alcoholic...daily...

- Doe Deere found a new lab and god its adorbs!

- 10 Fashion Items that will make you puke - some made from fake human skin - yuck!

- Luinae's guide on How To Be More Productive is a god send for serial procrastinators like me!

-  Photos 2, 6 and 8 are my favourites out of the 10 Rooms Tim Burton Might Enjoy - the others either give me a severe headache or look to old fashioned for my taste!

- I love the Chanel tattoos, especially the swallow necklace one. But at $75 for only 2 days use, don't think I'll buy into it.

- This literary themed wedding looks fantastic! I soooooo want one of those bridesmaid dresses! Any wonder where they got them?

- I clean out my bag alot so there is normally no need for a post like this one, but we'll see.

- The US welcomes spring while we welcome autumn here in NZ!

- I like Shrinkle's style alot and this is an interview Little Doe did with her.

- A collection of the worlds best luxury hotels can be found at Kiwi Collection - these are the ones nearest to where I am travelling right now! 

- I love the Magic Monday posts - great ideas of what to do if you have no idea how to fill your week!

- My favourite of the week is How Vanity Sizing Is Killing You.... surely there needs to be a standard set!

- Now for another wedding and this time its a Gothic, Fancy Dress, Halloween wedding - I hate the traditional bride wearing white church wedding - boring!

-  Jane from Sea of Shoes went to SXSW and OMG! she has THE shoes!

Thats all the wickedness for this week, so I'll leave you with this...


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