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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wicked Web Wednesday

I can't remember where I found this photo but I'm pretty sure it was WeHeartIt or deviantart. I am obsessed with Alice inspired photography and videography at the moment so don't mind me if you see an overload of these in my posts for awhile.

Ok, on to the wickedness of the week...

- How to Pull Off A Sheer Top Without Baring It All - some of you might like this how to but due to the size of my "assets" I won't be attempting this! I can't pull of this look either! The fifties suits my hourglass figure more!

- Tim Walker does amazing photos and his Lady Grey editorial for Vogue Italia is bellissimo!

- Top 5 Situations When It Might Make Sense To Spend $128 On This Ripped T-shirt - it doesn't make sense to me at all. fullstop. 5 Tips For Making The Spring Switch is probably a more helpful post! 

- Look out for the 10 Fall Trends from Paris, London and Milan - trends always take a long time to get to NZ so I'll be ahead of everyone over here if I buy into them now.

- Elephant dung shoes? Ahhhh...nope!

- Paris Breakfasts takes a look Inside Louis Vuitton - free espresso for VIPs!

- Yes, I know! Its an Alice In Wonderland review

- Winter is fast approaching here in New Zealand, and these ink thermo cups are just what I need to keep my coffee nice and hot - Love and Luck are my set!

- The Worlds Most Expensive TVs only 1-2 million dollars - yeah right...

- Its St Patricks Day today and I want to test the red velvet revisted recipe from Bakerella - green cupcakes!

- See how to turn lights into hearts in photos - will definitely be experimenting with this and other shapes would be pretty cool to try - stars, diamonds etc!

- Christina Tonkin is a set decorator and you are more familiar with her work than you realise - Gossip Girl, Sex and the City etc.

- All You Need To Travel In Style is a pretty helpful guide from Fashionista. I'm off to the Gold Coast at Christmas so this could prove useful.

- The thought of having my own custom chocolate is great except I'd be less inclined to want to eat it!

- I'm going to start jotting down things I want to acheive before I die and create a bucket list too.

- Luinae found chanelling your inner Mad Hatter and outfits inspired by Alice In Wonderland  

- Garance shares her top 10 Basics, things we all should have in our wardrobes!

- These pirate save the dates are awesome! I was going to do something similar when I got married in Rarotonga in 2006 but I did tropical photo cards instead!

- I'll have a set of carved crayons thanks!

Until next weeks wickedness! What did you find?


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