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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wicked Web Wednesday

New York Fashion Week is over and London Fashion Week is already halfway through; want lists are being made as I type this no doubt! Lots of photos from different shows are all over blogland at the moment. So I've decided to not mention anything fashion related in my wicked web this week, a toughy but here goes it!!!

- 7 Scents - loving some of these and have always been a fan of beautifully smelling perfumes!

- I've always wanted to buy an old church and turn it into a home, but a castle - gorgeous!

- How Do You Deal With Unwanted Attention? - sleazy men you need to read this! We don't all like to be ogled and whistled at! Jane Campion will get at you!

- Grazia Magazine calls this "Net-a-Porter" for your walls - yeah women!

- If your ever in Croydon, here's some STUFF for you!

- We Heart looks at the design of Spain's Chocolat Factory - the fonts are so styley!

- Turning teabags into ummm curtains? Don't think so!

- Girly living rooms and bathrooms and kitchens and bedrooms - I love them all!

- In need of some good irish music? These are Luinae's picks!

- We all need a good spring clean at this time of year! I think my place always looks messy so I definitely need a spring clean at some point.

- You can now explore the luxury lifestyle online at Nowness - awesome!

- Ass Cleavage Jeans FOR MEN!!! hahaha! (don't count this as fashion, but a laugh!)

- Why Geeks Make Good Lovers - just another reason to love them!

- One guy's letter to his dead girlfriend - so sweet but even sadder at the same time.

- I'll be checking out the blogs on Swedish Blog Crushes in a minute - they sound like good blogs to subscribe to!

- If Its Hip Its Here finds Artworks Inspired By Alice In Wonderland and I'll be posting one at the end of this post seeing as I'm Alice obsessed at the moment. OMG! Retro Chick reviewed the movie!

- Luinae discovered We Heart It and well I Heart It! xxx.

- Thank God Gala Darling wrote about this as I also think enough is enough and agree with everything she has written in the post.

-  Next February 14th I might get hubby a bottle and keep my fingers crossed lol

- I collect pretty soaps so rock ones from Urban Outfitters would look good as part of my collection.

What wonderful things did you find on the web this week?


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