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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Sweets

This week I was sick with a stomach bug and Princess has had a bad turn with her asthma the last couple of days. Sweet thing is that she had a supply of prednisone to take if her inhalers don't work, so I gave her her first dose this morning and it seems to be working....Sweet!

Other things I are...

Online shopping at ASOS for these in black and this in hot pink (I really wanted these shoes or even these shoes but couldn't find them for sale in my size!); discovering the Acid Alice range by Tarina Tarantino (will be searching Ebay as the one I want is out of stock at the moment!); the best chicken wraps ever in Temuka Function Centre; buying new black sheet sets and HUGE towels from Farmers!!!; donut hunting up and down the main street of Timaru (does anyone sell them???); green overload on St Patricks Day; Caroline Bay and The Farmers Market here where I bought...

Lemon citrus tart, Spicy Dukkah, Honey and Spicy Hazelnuts, Lolly Basket & Cupcake

Isn't the basket and cupcake cute?

What I the most this minute is the fact that tomorrow we are going to look at some miniature ponies, one of whom we may be going to buy - so watch this space!

What do you right now?

Bye my sweets!


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