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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Sweets

I'm loving cupcakes (like those above!) and men who get excited about getting soft toys in those grabber games; Super Smoothie Boosts and Country Chicken Pie from Robert Harris cafes; "My Love Lies Bleeding" by Alyxandra Harvey and infact any vampire fiction at the moment; rewatching True Blood with Tash; bubbles; friends that give us chocolate pudding; pastel hair; loving this Flickr photostream; watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding; Coverspy where style and book covers collide - loving it!!!

I'm also sweet on stripes; finishing my bookwork (thank heaven for that - can't believe I majored in Accounting!); mini pies and gingerbread men I buy for Princess (so cute!); my new sailor dress!; Easter egg splurges; book sales; hot sunny days here in Greymouth (usually it is cold and miserable but not this year!); buying Monteith's Golden Lager for someone's 60th birthday (its on Wednesday night and will be held at Balmoral Forest!).

I'm loving practicing taking photos for future outfit posts! My outfit posts will be different from the norm as I'll be posting photos of my outfit AND Princess's outfit (cute!) and some will no doubt have her in mini versions of my outfit (even cuter!) I'm going to love that!

Til next Sunday! What are you loving?


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