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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mini Me #1

Bonjour! This is my first ever "mini me" outfit post. I have yet to master the art of photography in outfit posts but here goes! I decided to take the photos inside our housetruck on Sunday morning, which probably wasn't the best idea. In future I think I'll take them outdoors where there is more room and better scenery!

Believe it (or not) a 9 year old took this photo of me! I'm wearing:

- Garage stripe top dress from The Warehouse
- Black 3/4 length leggings from Glassons
- Black ruffled peeptoe heels from The Warehouse
- 14K yellow gold Mother and Child necklace by Janel Russell (a gift from my sister in law when I was pregnant with Princess!)

I forgot I'm also wearing a black satin bow headband I got from Supre - alas! it broke yesterday afternoon!

Princess is dotty rather than stripy at the moment - still its the same colours as me!

Princess is wearing (all gifts from my Mum in Australia):

- White bow and spotted bubble dress
- Black spotted punk princess tights
- Black cotton long sleeved jacket

Here's a better photo of her in the dress!

The old camera in the mirror photo of me...

Such concentration lol


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