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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The World's Healthiest, Moistest & Easiest Fruit Cake Recipe!

This is the simplest, healthiest and moistest fruit cake recipe that I have heard of and cheap as it only uses 3 ingredients!

All you need is a 1kg bag of mixed fruit, 2 cups of orange juice (you could experiment with other types of juice I'm sure!) and 2 cups of plain self raising flour (you could experiment with wholemeal and/or use organic flour to make it healthier again)

This is what I used:

1. Put 2 cups of orange juice into a bowl

2. Add the bag of mixed fruit

3. Leave the fruit to soak in the orange juice for 2 days in the fridge!

4. Add the flour and mix

5. Put the mixture into a greased (or baking paper lined) cake tin

6. Cook in the oven until done

7. Cut it up and eat! Delicious!

The last 4 photos were taken on my mobile phone so aren't as great as they should be!


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