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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wicked Web Wednesday

I have had a very sociable week, lots of dinners and drinks with friends (one couple are travelling with us around the South Island). We went on the ferry on Monday morning with them and are now in Nelson, enjoying the shops and sunshine!

I haven't been on the internet very much but here's what I did discover!

- For all your New York Fashion Week coverage you need to go here! And for London Fashion Week go here! Thanks Fashionista!

- Rock n Roll Bride looks at The Designer Wedding Show 2010 - great for all you UK brides to be!

- Lime Crime is now at Urban Outfitters in Canada!!!

- My husband celebrated Shrove Tuesday with his family when he was little, forgot about it this year so next year I'll have a go at making this.

- Madonna for Macy's? Does that mean 80's style will be back AGAIN???

- I Love Typography and Google and Twitter - and posters.

- I've been watching alot of movies lately and it saddens me that movies no longer show the end, and thats the end of that...

- Cupcakes and Cashmere learnt alot of lessons at New York Fashion Week. I wish I could go and learn a few things as well!

- 6 Tips For Totally Nailing A Job Interview is much needed I'm sure, especially in this recession.

- I haven't read about the ethics of blogging yet so I hope I'm being ethical at this!

- Parodies that are Very Mary Kate

                                                via seaofshoes

-  Its not winter here yet but I might need to take note of 4 Tricks For Cold Weather Layering for when the cold hits here!

- Code For Something Lists her Top 10 Kiwi Online Stores - I'm a Kiwi so I'll be checking these stores out!

- 30 Bucks A Week - vegetarian food shopping for 2 a week - awesome! I could spend more on shoes now!

- Is this the greatest thing since sliced bread? Hell yes!

- Gala Darling posted Rare Photos of Famous People in her weekly Carousel so I had to repost it here!

- I'm loving the detailing of Marchesa's collection - those shoes have my name on them I'm sure!
- Judy Aldridge has an article about shopping on Ebay

- Luinae gives you Beauty Tips and Tricks - all good ones!

- The shoes at the bottom of this post are are wow!

- Vogue Editor Meredith Melling-Burke lists her favourite things so far from London Fashion Week.

                                         via brunodayan

And thats all for this week sweets!


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