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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wicked Web Wednesday


Every Wednesday I’ll be posting all the wicked, wonderful things I love from the web and my Google Reader

Starting with these wonders…

- They say its important that you love yourself before you love someone else so I’m totally doing Gala Darling's challenge! Working Girls is also pretty rad!

- I can totally see Lady Gaga wearing the shoes in this photo shoot sourced from Fashion Copioius

- What Type Are You? I’m Courier – am I really???

Picture 31 

- I love everything about the Chanel SS10 Collection – the hair, the bows, the pastel shades with silver, lush fabrics, jewels and especially the silver booties.

Picture 16

- Rock and Roll Bride is awesome! I’m loving this from boudoir photographer, Marin Kristine at the moment and in fact all her photo shoots are gorgeous.

- Sleepsuit WTF?

- This tattoo blog is great inspiration for me as I want to get my first tattoo but I am unsure of the design, any ideas?

- If exploring ghost towns is your idea of fun (and I’m soooo going!) then this is for you. The photos on 100 Abandoned Houses is interesting too.

- 3 Street Style Blogs To Bookmark Now are the new favourites

- Pretty Foods make me hungry but also make me wonder why my food never looks that good.

- Forever 21’s kids range is now online and I’ll be shopping for Princess on there


That's all my darlings! If you find anything interesting I might want to include in future Wicked Web Wednesdays then let me know!


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