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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wicked Web Wednesday

Gidday sweeties! Here's some more wickedness for you!

- Underwater Sculpture Park by Jason de Caires Taylor helps forfil my dreams of exploring shipwrecks

- I'm hungry for a real Parisian breakfast after seeing Paris Breakfasts

- Doe Deere is on the cover of Auxiliary magazine - always envy her makeup! Plus she has started a photo journal called Be You

- Here are some Bloggers to Watch - and their blogs are so awesome I'm adding them to my feed!

- I wish I could have a wall art collection like this but there isn't a big enough wall in our housetruck

- I have to post this as we often call animals "aminals" as that's what one of friends would say as they couldn't pronounce animals! Plus they are very cute! Princess would love one I'm sure!

- Really I should wear fairground horses to the gypsy fair in future

- This handbag may well end up just as popular as the Eiffel Tower handbag in the Sex and the City movie but just more Jurassic Park and the Mammoth Ivory trend will go down well with it.

 Josh Winger, who accepted Yellow's mission to create the world's first yellow tasting chocolate bar using companies sourced only from Yellow', Books, Online, Mobile and Maps.

- How much fashion brands pay celebrities to sit in their front rows is an interesting read - Rihanna, Beyonce and of course Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen top the list! But here they say its utter nonsense!

- I'd love to go to a 21st birthday party like Daisy Lowe's - everyone's costumes are awesome! Though Daisy is the best!

- I can tell you now that I won't be rocking the grey hair tend

- Laura Sweet shows us outdoor fireplaces based on Norwegian Turf Huts - those huts look like little Hobbit houses, hence I want one! And Monopoly goes modern too - yahoo! OZ's Dorothy Shoes are here and the designers are here as well!

- Natalie Shau's art is described as grownup macabre fairytales and I love her work.

- Trend Hunter wonders who would pay nearly $2,000 for this Louis Vuitton rubbish bag - yuck!

- The Babysitter's Club has a prequel coming out! I had all the books when I was a tween! In the meantime you can get your Claudia fashion fix!

- Speaking of tweens and fashion, Olsenboye has launched and is available from JC Penney

- I'm going to the Gold Coast for Xmas 2010 and Scotland in September 2011 and Style Bubble explores the good baggage I need

- Tarina Taranino tells The Jet Set Girls what’s on her Jet Set playlist

- Rackk and Ruin look into buying (beware that link is not for the faint of heart) into the Lady Gaga trend

- Desire to Inspire looks at Stuart McIntyre's little cabins - pretty sure that is a housetruck though!

- Fashion Copious looks at Madonna before and after photoshop

- Fashion Week survival packs courtesy of Fashionista

- Shrinkle has finally launched Sugarpill Cosmetics - and the site looks amazing!

- If I'm ever in Melbourne I'll be eating at Cafe Vue, thanks to We Heart

- Lady Gaga is auctioning off her Gary Card-designed skeleton corset at Charity Buzz. The money raised goes to Oxfam International, benefiting the victims of Haiti's earthquake. The bid is currently at $5,000, which is $3,000 over the estimated value, but it's for charity!

- And lastly for this mega week - Alice Mania!!!

Bye my darlings? And if you have any links let me know!


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