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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Travel Thursday

Well this weekend we were in Petone for The Gypsy Fair and I also managed to check out Petone Fair that they have on Jackson Street every year. It was packed so I didn't get to stop and look at the stalls much but I did get a new Radical Self Love totem (alas! lost my other one!)

We met a couple from Argentina who are travelling the world in a vintage car with their 4 children. It was their dream to go to Alaska and so they set off from there, you can read more about it here!

Princess had a go as a gypsy in training by testing out her stilts!

There was a huge farm fire in Porirua which made the sky in Wellington all grey and gloomy but the sun was bright orange!

On Monday morning we hopped on the Interislandert's Kaitaki ferry to the Sotuh Island in our motorhome along with our friends who were in their motorhome. This is us parked onboard the ferry.

You can only see our roof and all the yellow windows!

Everyone was told not to leave their car alarms going but look this silly person did! Luckily, it stoppped though!

Heres some more photos from on the ferry...

When we got to the South Island we stayed at Rarangi and took photos of Princess on the beach with a shag!

Now we are at Nelson for The Gypsy Fair...


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