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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Sweets

This week my sweets are:

My husband (especially when he sends me hearts with "I Love You" by text!); Princess and her fake spray on tattoo; Farmers lingerie sales - got $389.69 worth of lingerie for $93 - score!!!; being informed of further discounts by other women shopping for lingerie!; wishing for these or this! (these were'nt on sale!); hot sunny days here in Nelson; long walks on the beach at Rarangi; ferry ride on the recently new Kaitaki (thankyou Interislander!); DVD sales (got 7 of them this week and am slowly getting through watching them!); dolphins; The Petone Fair; self checkouts at Pakn Save; Tim Walker collages; squiggles; Minx; catching up with old gypsies; comfy tops; baby shower money collection; bouncy castles; mini sausage rolls; Tsunami warning updates (love cause I need to know and loathe cos of deaths and damages); rewatching Sweeney Todd (in Alice in Wonderland anticipation - Tim Burton is so talented!); browsing pink tumblrs and lastly foodie smells - bread and coffee!

                       Gingerboy Restaurant Food - yum!!!

What was on your sweet list for the week?


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