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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Sweets

I have had a not so good week, feeling a bit down at the moment, but the Radical Self Love is starting to make me feel happier. I'm now in Upper Hutt, Wellington where it has been raining and windy most of the time. I still have a list of sweets for you though, so here goes it!

I'm loving my husband (its Valentines Day and he bought me lingerie, what more can I say!) and Princess (she can say I Love You now!); getting said lingerie in plum wine/lemon for Valentines Day!, musical cards (bought my husband a "wild thing, you make my hear sing" one!); cheesecakes; getting fresh bread every morning; #radicalselflove; Sensing Murder and New Zealand's Next Top Model back on our screens here!; swings; sunshine; discovering the healthiest, easiest to make and most moist fruit cake in the world!!! ( will try and make it next week and post photos along with the recipe!); finding Shop Til U Drop; Mango Mayhem's from Wendy's; lakeside views; Toblerone and Yellow chocolate - yummy!; babysitting offers - thankyou Kylie!, decluttering untidy shelves, going from a size L to a size M!; wearing blankets to keep warm; Marie Antoinette; new clothes and Cruskits with vegemite on them!!!

Thats my sweets for the week! What are you sweet on this week?


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