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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Sweets

Its been a pretty hot summer here in New Zealand but thats one of the things I love this week as well as eating icecream sundaes and drinking iced coffees in that heat! I'm also loving being in Palmerston North at the moment!

Other things I'm sweet on this week are finding British foods (like McVities jaffa cakes, Daim bars and Dr Pepper) in the New World supermarket here, eating vegetarian nachos and rum balls, being amazed by the amount of pie packets they sell in Pak n Save here (its a student city!), drinking 1751's on a hot summers day with my friend Tash, roast dinners, having friends invite you for dinner so you have an excuse to take cheesecake that you've made for dessert, getting an NZMCA discount for booking the ferry to the South Island (more on that to come!), Lush splurges, joining the Radical Self Love project run by Gala Darling, great sales (more on that to come too!), these necklaces I got from Equip...

Equip's new ranges are gorgeous but the French Kiss range is my favourite and hopefully I'll get the chance to buy more of it!

I'm also loving having fresh ink cartridges, kiwiberrys, late nights and SSS (stud, sequin and sparkle) anything!


I still have no idea what to write for my promise - perhaps I need some ideas? I'll work on it tomorrow I promise! lol
However, I did buy a pen that writes in 3 neon colours (pink, turquoise and purple) to use to write in my notebook - the cutest thing I did though was buy Princess her own totem - it's a pink top that has a crown (much like the ICING logo) with a love heart in the crown - all in sparkles! I will post a photo of her in it when I post a photo of my written promise tomorrow! 

How is your first lot of Radical Self Love homework going? What are your sweets this week too, loves? That's all folks!


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