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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Radical Self Love

The truly phenomenal Gala Darling has decided that February (the month wherein we all celebrate Valentines Day) should be about learning to love ourselves and trying not to be so perfect all the time as thats what got us in all this mess to start with! Its called Radical Self Love and its a project that I believe is really important for us as woman especially in an age where we strive for perfection in every area of our lives in the hopes that it will make us happier, but does it make us happier? and does it make us love ourselves more? Lets find out...

Gala gave out the first lot of homework for this project starting with getting a portable little notebook
TICK! This gorgeous little notebook!

The next step was to write a promise to yourself regarding radical self love, of course. UNTICKED! I'm still trying to find something inspiring and thats more "me" to write as my promise. I'll do this tomorrow and post an update along with my Sunday Sweets!

The next was to find a totem, a visual item that reminds you to love youself more. TICK! Mine is a sparkly pink necklace that spells out LOVE!

Come and join us in the Radical Self Love!


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